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Laptop Hacking Coffee

Laptop Hacking Coffee Welcome to Laptop Hacking Coffee (also known as LHC)! We're a group of dedicated cybersecurity professionals, students, and interested parties who come together to learn from each other and provide a place to discuss all things related to computers, hacking, networking, programming, and related (or unrelated) topics. Our primary home is Discord, so feel free to join us and introduce yourselves. We also have this Wiki page, an ongoing Capture the Flag game, and an IRC server that are open for use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in Discord!


Join us on Discord, our primary home!

IRC - port 6667 or 6697/SSL

or use the web client at Many of the IRC channels are cross-linked with Discord. In the event of a Discord outage or failure, we'll all be on IRC. See the topics of the channels in the /list to determine which ones.

Support Us!

We hope you're enjoying our Wiki, CTF, IRC, and other offerings. No pressure, but if you want to support us to help pay our monthly server costs, we'd really appreciate it. We'll give you a special Discord role as well.

Become a Patron!

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