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   <li><h2><a href="">Lowebrew's Lair</a></h2></li>   <li><h2><a href="">Lowebrew's Lair</a></h2></li>
   <li><h2><a href="">Logic Design with Darkium</a></h2></li>   <li><h2><a href="">Logic Design with Darkium</a></h2></li>
-<li><h2><a href="">Delta</a></h2></li> +  <li><h2><a href="">Delta</a></h2></li> 
-<li><h2><a href="">The Pickle Zone</a></h2></li>+  <li><h2><a href="">The Pickle Zone</a></h2></li> 
 +  <li><h2><a href="">Network Talks with Pyro</a></h2></li>
 </ul> </ul>
 </html> </html>
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